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Book Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Tris and Tobias are on the run and the Divergents are in more danger than they ever were before. After Initiation Day turned many of the Dauntless into soldiers bent on taking over the world with a simulation, only a few were able to fight the serum. After Tobias was dosed with a stronger serum Tris was one of the few left to save the world. Now in the wake of this battle many are on the run in an attempt to make it through. Many of the survivors attempt to live with the Amity, but this does not work out well for Tris and Tobias as they do not have the ability to keep peace with the others. To top that off the Dauntless soldiers are after them. Them along with a few other are on the run, but they have no where to go, or so Tris thinks, before she finds out that Tobias has been in touch with his mother who is a Factionless. Much to the surprise of their guests the factionless are a well organized and very large society. They are willing to help with the bodily needs of others, but they are neither willing nor equipped to help fight the Dauntless army. Tris and Tobias along with a few others decide that they must fight the group before they become too strong, but how will they do this when they are so few and when they are taken into custody upon arrival? Will they survive, or will they die or become mindless slaves before the task is done? Find out in Insurgent.

I liked this book because it delved into the personal lives of Tris and Tobias more than Divergent did.

I chose this book because I wanted to see how Divergent was going to be continued because it was left so open at the end.

I finished the book because the story line moved quickly.

I would give this book to anyone who read and enjoyed Divergent.

I give this book **** (Really liked it!)

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Review by Michelle, college student (Click here to read Michelle’s review of Divergent.)

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