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About Us

Our Mission

To advocate for literacy, education, and a thriving community.

Library Policy

Policies govern many aspects of library services and are approved by the Natrona County Library board of trustees.

Contact Us

Reach out to Library staff, leadership, and administration.

Our Vision

In support of our mission, it is our vision that the Natrona County Library is recognized: 

  • For advancing literacy in its multiple disciplines; 
  • As a premier provider of education support and resources; 
  • As a superior local resource and training center; 
  • As a local leader for self-directed learned; and 
  • As a local leader in creating a dynamic and connected community. 

Our History

In 1905, Casper Mayor, Wilson Kimball, wrote to the Andrew Carnegie library foundation seeking funding for the city’s first public library.  

With funding secured, Casper’s new library was completed in 1910 on what was then the edge of town. The building with its classical design cues, high quality masonry, and three domes stood out among the prairie, muddy streets and stick buildings that then made up Casper. It wasn’t long before new surrounding buildings joined the small library, and its contents became too numerous to house. 

By the early 1920s, a new design was seamlessly integrated into the original building, adding much needed space for events and collections. 

Post World War brought more rapid growth and prosperity to Casper, and a modern addition was opened in 1952. 

By the late 1960s, the original sections of the Carnegie building had become obsolete and fallen into disrepair. A good portion of the old building had been relegated to storage. In 1970, the original building was demolished and the final addition we have today was built. On the exterior of the library, visitors can still find remnants of the very first Carnegie library that stood in this same space on the corner of 2nd and Wolcott.