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The library is open today9:00 am – 5:00 pm
ph: (307) 577-7323
The library is open today9:00 am – 5:00 pm
ph: (307) 577-7323

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Virtual library services for legal forms, career advancement, business plans, eBooks, and genealogical research, available 24/7, from home and on the go.

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Friday & Saturday
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Edgerton Branch
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11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Check out the latest news and blog posts from the library.
The Addams Family Mansion Mayhem
Anyone that loves the Addams Family will immediately fall in love with Outright Games’s newest addition: The Addams Family Mansion Mayhem. Players are able to choose a character from Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, or Wednesday. While each have their own special move, these moves are shared…
New Resources & Services to Help Residents with Legal Needs
For people seeking veterans’ benefits, fighting unlawful evictions, maintaining custody of their children, or addressing other challenges involving personal safety, security, and well-being, access to legal resources is crucial. However, unlike criminal cases, where individuals have a constitutional right to an attorney, there is no…
Windows or Mirrors: Why Not Both?
Many see libraries as windows to the world. They can be ways to experience something beyond your imagination from the comfort of your couch, provide a new perspective, or even inspire you to get out there and make a change in the world. At the…
Reunions: Brought to You by Library Databases and a Kind Heart
As librarians, we come across a lot of strange things that patrons leave behind when they are returning books or visiting the Library – both between the pages and on the shelves. Everything from grocery receipts and airline boarding passes to moldy food and computer…
Video for Business: No Longer Just a “Nice to Have”
Internet users consume up to 16 hours of digital video per week. 66% of consumers actually prefer watching a video to reading about a product1. If your small business isn’t using video marketing, you should probably consider adding it to your future plans. Most businesses have…
Our New Website: Designed, Built, and Launched for our Patrons
You’re reading this post on a brand spankin’ new website! Launched in late June of 2021, the new natronacountylibrary.org hits all the high notes with how our patrons (and staff) access and use information about the Library. The old natronacountylibrary.org was built many many years ago,…
Brand New: A Fresh Look for our Modern Library
Have you noticed anything different about the Library? At first glance, it contains all the familiar components. Upon further inspection, you may notice some changes to what we call the “branding.” A brand is an identifying look and feel that an organization uses to distinguish…
A Video Production Studio at the Push of a Button
Quality video production can be a complex and costly endeavor to attempt on your own because of the high-end equipment and setup that’s needed. Your library is partnering with the Laramie County Library System and the University of Wyoming Libraries to create an easy-to-use video…
WiFi2Go: Mobile Hotspots to Check Out
The Natrona County Library WiFi2Go Program provides internet access to families and households that lack these services by allowing patrons to check out mobile hotspots for at-home use just as they would check out any other item from the Library. The WiFi2Go mobile hotspot is…
Passport Services Now Available at the Library
The Library will be the second location in Natrona County and the first public library in the state to provide this service. A team of library personnel have been trained as Passport Agents, ready to help you beginning in January.

Event Spaces & Meeting Rooms

Whether you’re looking to collaborate with a study group, hold a meeting or event, or need a quiet work space, we have the rooms you need.

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Monthly Newsletter

Sign up to keep up with everything happening at the Library