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Book Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where you grow up in a culture that is predetermined? Where, until you are 16, you are raised to be a certain way. That is exactly the way that this futuristic society acts. At the age of 16 you then take a test and begin to choose how you are going to live the rest of your life. Staying with their factions means that they get to stay with their family and continue to live the life that they have grown up with, but choosing to leave means being forever cast out from that group with only one chance of seeing them on visiting day. Throughout this story we follow a girl by the name of Beatrice who has been marked with one word that no one wants to hear coming from the test Divergent. This name means that there was not just one place that she would fit in, but it also means that no matter where she goes it will not be a perfect fit for her. The most important thing that the testing person tells her is that she must never share this information with anyone. This result could cause the faction that she chooses to always treat her as an outcast, but how long will she be able to keep this information in? At the Choosing Ceremony she chooses to go with the faction most unlike her, the Dauntless. Her mother and father are disappointed, but especially so now that their son, Caleb, has chosen to go to the Candor faction. With two children choosing to leave their faction, Abnegation, the credibility of their father as a government leader is being questioned. That, however, is not the only questionable thing happening now. Each faction has an initiation to ensure that their newest members are truly suited and committed to the faction that they chose. The Dauntless have the most daring initiation. Tris (Beatrice’s new chosen name) must find out many things about herself and her new faction. Is she strong enough to get through initiation? Is one of the trainers she is working with trying to kill her or save her? And most importantly of all, is she going to be able to pass initiation or is she going to become one of the factionless who has no home and nowhere to get clothing and food?

I liked this interesting insight that this gave to a new kind of world. The world that was created in this book gave me an interesting idea of how it would work to live in a world that was separated not by race or politics, but by personality. This book also gives insight into what labels do to people. In this book Divergent is just one of the many labels that are given to people. Each of these labels is one that sticks with you no matter how hard you try to get away from it or try to hide it.

I picked this book up because my brother recommended it to me. It seemed like an interesting book so I read it.

I finished this book because once I started reading it the book just seemed to flow. There was action and adventure in every chapter and there was also mystery and questions left unanswered even to the last page.

I’d give this book to anyone who liked to read because there is something for everyone in there.

My rating: *****

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Review by Michelle, college student

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