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Book Review: Unwholly by Neal Shusterman

Again we will follow the stories of Risa, Lev and Connor as they continue to evade the hands of juvenile authorities. We also follow a Stork who wants to be the next Akron Awol, a juvie cop turned part pirate who wants his revenge, a tithe who is saved but doesn’t want to be, and a new form of human made from parts and many other stories.

Mason Starkey was storked. He fought and caused so many problems that his parents finally decided, against the will of his little sister that he would be unwound. He chose to run away before the cops could get him. While being chased he begins to attempt to act out his escape like Connor (The Akron Awol). He kills two juvie cops in the process. The first one accidentally and the second one on purpose. He is thrilled when an underground group takes him to the graveyard where he meets Connor, but will he live up to Starkey expectations and the fabricated stories?

Connor runs the graveyard now. The Admiral has officially handed it over to him, but Connor is not thrilled with the results. With a shrinking number of runaways making it to the graveyard he is not sure whether it is him or his team that is failing him. He is drifting farther and farther away from Risa who cares about him. He is afraid that if she gets too close to him and all his problems he will hurt her more than he already has. Risa cares about Connor, but he is drifting from her. Will a radical decision on her part make him get farther away or will he finally see she would do anything to get him to love her?

Lev the once tithed child turned clapper is on the outside of just about everything. While he will always have the clapper fluid in him he is no longer dangerous enough to be kept in solitary. He is released to go live with his brother, both of whom are outsiders to the family who feels that Lev and anyone else who supports him have disgraced the family and all that tithing stands for. Lev is on house arrest except when he is required to go to the juvenile detention center to encourage troubled teens to turn their life around before their parents decide to have them unwound. He soon discovers that an image far greater than him has been made. When he arrives at a safe house for tithes he feels like they have set him up for failure, but how can he communicate that to people who literally worship him?

And then there is Marcelona who is the complete opposite of the other tithes. She wants to get away from Lev and anyone who wants to keep her from being unwound, but when she discovers that Lev is not all he’s cracked up to be, can the duo form an unlikely team? Nelson was humiliated by the infamous Akron Awol. He was shot by his own tazer and lost his job, but he wants revenge. By catching runaway unwinds he hopes to someday track down the Awol who ruined his reputation and settle the score once and for all. And then there is Cam. He was brought to life by putting together pieces of several unwinds. How will a world so torn about unwinding accept a human made from parts?

I picked this book because it was the next in a very good series.

I finished this book because like all the others there was so much action and information in each page that I could hardly stop.

I’d give this book to anyone who enjoyed the first two in the series.

I rate this book a *****

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Review by Michelle, college student

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