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Book Review: Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Abortion is illegal in this society. Until the age of 13 a child can not be harmed or killed for any reason. Sounds like a good deal for the children, but there is a catch. As soon as the child turns 13 they can be unwound. That means that the child can be given to a body farm where they will be used as donor organs for other people. This law arises when the donor banks begin to run out of the parts needed to keep other people alive.
People have signed unwind orders for many reasons. For Connor’s parents they have a hard time controlling him, but his family is certainly making short work of feeling bad about their decision. They are going to be taking time to grieve their loss while on a vacation the day after he is to be unwound. For Risa she is a ward of the state and they have decided that no matter how good she is at music she is not worth the time or money that it takes to continue keeping her alive. For Lev the story is a little different. He was born to be an unwind and has always know that was his purpose. As the 10th child he was tithed to God. His family signed the unwind orders as soon as they could. He has always thought it was his purpose and his duty to be unwound and has never thought twice about it.
But life is about to change for all of them. Connor decides that no matter what he is not going to be unwound. After his friend decides that she can’t help him run away he decides to do it himself. After almost being caught he has to make a run on foot and in the process causes the bus that contains Risa, along with many other unwinds, to crash. In the commotion Connor jumps into a car that just happens to have Lev in it. With all of them on the brink between life and unwinding they must work together if they have any chance of surviving this. Lev however has different plans. Since he was raised to believe this was right he wants to turn them in. Will the tiro escape being unwound? Will Lev turn them all in? Find out in Unwind.

This book was very interesting. It was fast paced and continued to keep me interested. I liked how the author intertwined all of the separate stories. 

I picked up this book because many other people were reading it and suggesting that I read it also.
I finished this book because it was interesting and the story moved along nicely.
I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys adventure and danger.
Rating: I give this book a **** (Really Liked It)
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Review by Michelle, college student

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