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Book Review: Unstrung by Neal Shusterman

With Lev still on the run and deciding what to do next, he falls into the hands of a Native American reservation called Hi-Rez. After arriving at the reservation Lev discovers that this tribe has the power to save AWOLs. He sees this as a possibility for himself and immediately begins the journey to becoming a part of the tribe with the help of his sponsor family. One member of his sponsor family, a boy by the name of Wil has an amazing knack for music, particularly the guitar. He uses this music to heal and to calm the people of this tribe. Although at first they are at odds they soon become fiends. But life at the reservation is not as simple as it first appears to be. Lev must work hard to become a part of the tribe. He must work as if he is a part of the reservation without knowing whether he will be or not. He must go on a spiritual journey to determine if he is worthy to be a member of the tribe. Will his efforts be enough? What makes hims leave the reservation and end up at the graveyard where we find him in Unwind. What made him so intent on being a clapper? There is a large gap in Lev’s story at the end of Unwind. Unstrung answers that question along with many more.
This short book grabbed my attention from beginning to end. Having read Unwind I wondered why part of Lev’s story was left out. In Unwind it appears as if Lev had an uneventful journey from CyFi to the graveyard, but this story makes it clear that is not the case.This book took the opportunity to answer many of my questions left over from the first book. It was nice to have some answers before beginning Unwholly the next book in the series.
I picked this book up because after reading the first one and finding out that this one explained some unanswered questions I knew I needed to read it.
I finished this book because I enjoyed it. This book pulled the reader in and had a lot of important information and action packed into a few chapters.
I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the first book in the series and wants to continue to follow the story.
My rating for this book: ****
Unstrung is currently only available in eBook format, and not yet in the library collection. You can purchase it through your favorite ebook vendor.
Review by Michelle, college student

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