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Book Review: 07 Ghost by Yuki Amemiya & illustrated by Yukino Ichihara

In a world where certain people can use a magic called Ziphon, Teito Klein is a powerful young boy who used to be a slave, but is now a soldier in training at the Barsburg Empire military academy. Because of his background and lack of memories, as well as favoritism from the headmaster, Teito is a common target for bullying from his fellow students, except for his single friend, Mikage. Teito and Mikage swear to be together forever, but that oath is tested when Teito suddenly regains some of his memories after seeing the man who killed his father. Teito attacks Chief of Staff Ayanami in a fit of rage, but is captured and detained. Mikage comes to break Teito out of prison only to find that Teito has already taken out most of the guards. Mikage wants to escape with with Teito, but Teito doesn’t want the military after his only friend and pretends to take Mikage hostage. Teito flees on a flying motorbike, but is injured in the process when he is hit by a Ziphon blast. After making it to the edge of the 7th district, Teito faints and is rescued by three young men that take him to their church where he will be safe from the military under the claim of sanctuary. Teito awakes to Frau, Castor, and Labradour, the three eccentric men who saved him, and is surprised to learn that they are bishops at the church. Frau is a particularly surprising case considering his foul language and hidden pornography collection, but Teito feels like he can learn a lot from this crass man, especially after finding out that Teito’s father was also a bishop as well as the King of Raggs, a fallen kingdom. Before he died, Teito’s father gave him a powerful weapon called the Eye of Mikhail, which the goverment is desperate to get their hands on. Can the church’s legendary seven ghost gods hope to protect Teito and the dangerous relic he carries?

I picked this book up because the story was interesting.

I finished the book because it was very different from other manga I have read.

I give this book to any fantasy manga fan.

Rating: **** (Really Liked It!)

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Review by Serina, College Student

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