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Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Cancer is one of many topics that is talked of very lightly. Many people think of it as an untouchable subject. As soon as the diagnosis is given almost no one knows what to say or how to act. This book gives the reader a candid look at cancer, which among many other things is simply a side effect of dying. Hazel is one of many people who has this side effect. She has undergone many different treatments for this, but she knows as well as her family that death is impending. She has terminal cancer which has taken her ability to breath on her own among other things. In the beginning Hazel joins a support group for cancer survivors. Although she is not thrilled about being a part of this group she soon finds a reason to like it. Augustus Waters. Handsome Augustus immediately shows an interest in Hazel and the two become fast friends. No one understands a cancer kid like another cancer kid and the two are there for each other through thick and thin. They spend many days and experiences together from reading the same books to playing blind video games with their friend Isaac. The biggest impact is left by a book called An Imperial Affliction. This is also a book about cancer. Throughout the book many of their adventures are driven by this book from many different conversations to a wish turned into a trip to find the end of the story, or will it be the beginning of a new story for the two of them? Throughout their story Augustus works to leave his mark on the world and Hazel attempts to understand why this is so important to him. Neither of them truly understands the other ones point of view. With the ever-present fear of a reoccurence on not only their minds, but the minds of everyone around them will they truly be able to understand each other? Will they leave their mark on the world before it is too late or will it no longer matter? Find out in The Fault In Our Stars.
I enjoyed the first person narrative of this book and the way that everything seems so personalized. The first person perspective makes it easier to connect with each one of the characters and to see into the mind of Hazel. I also enjoyed the flow of the book. Throughout this book many things that bring each of the characters together through the good and the bad. These things almost always bring the characters closer in one way or another. This is one way the author provides a base which is very important to this story.
I picked this book up because it looked like an interesting and thought provoking book.
I finished this book because once I started the story just flowed.
I’d give this book to anyone who enjoys reading. This book can appeal to just about any type of reader and will leave any reader enjoying it and wanting to finish it.
My rating for this book: ***** (It was AMAZING!)
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Review by Michelle, college student

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