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Resources for Small Business and Their Employees, Right at the Library

Thinking of opening up shop? Let us help. Looking to grow your existing small business? We can help with that, too. As part of our mission, the Library advocates for a thriving community, and we recognize that, in order for our community and economy to thrive, we need strong local businesses.

That sounds all fine and good, but what does it really mean for Natrona County’s entrepreneurs? First off, to help you get your business started, the Library offers free access to computers, printers, internet, copiers, fax machines, and even meeting spaces for groups of 2 to 180 people. Our Creation Station is another (and might we say “awesome”) resource to help inventors and product developers. Have an idea for the next fidget spinner or PopSocket©? Not only can we teach you how to design the product using 3D software, but we can also help you print, package, and market it, all from our free makerspace.

With the digital world evolving and shifting at a rapid pace, we know it’s hard to keep up. We offer regular training and educational resources to help strengthen your workforce and introduce you to the newest software and technology. We partner with local businesses to train their employees on programs like Microsoft Office and Google’s G Suite, because fostering and developing talent within your company is often easier than attracting new.

Once you’re ready to do your research, our reference resources—like our online databases and Book-a-Librarian service—are at the ready. With just a library card, patrons have access to an array of business journals, statistics, demographics, news, and even a database just for entrepreneurs, with sample business plans, articles, and guides for how to start, finance, or manage a small business.

You can book one-on-one time with a librarian to learn more about these databases, or to get help solving any problem you’re facing on your road to business success. While all librarians are different, there is at least one thing they have in common—a love of research! Instead of hiring a consultant to help you figure out which way to angle the parking spaces at your new building (angled or straight, the debate rages on!), let our staff do what they do best, and guide you to the right resource for finding your answer among a mountain of available information.

Our Library helps imaginations expand, encourages people to find what inspires them, and provides the training and resources they need to make their dreams become realities.

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