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Pokémon Go at The Library


Maybe you were already a Pokémon fan? Perhaps you have no idea what is going on or why the new Pokémon Go app has become such a hit? Either way, you have probably noticed it seems as though everyone is wandering around town, fixated on their digital device, playing this new game.

The Library is benefiting from the Pokémon hype. The Library is a PokéGym and has two PokéStops.  Every day we’ve seen more and more people, of all ages, both in and around the library battling, catching Pokémon, and having fun.

Are you a trainer? Here are a few ways you can involve the library in your Pokémon experience.

  • Stop by and chat with library staff about the game. Tell us about your favorite Pokémon and the best place you’ve found them.
  • While you are in the library, color a Pokémon or design a Pokéball. 
  • Meet new people and make friends with other trainers.
  • Tag The Library on social media when you upload your screenshots of any Pokémon you found close by.
  • Tell us what kind of Pokémon programming you would like to see or what materials related to Pokémon need to be added to The Library collection.



Here are a few articles and links with information that might give you a basic understanding of the game and the benefits to players and libraries.

Teen Librarian Toolbox: App Review: Pokemon Go, the very basics, safety issues, and Pokemon Go and libraries  AND Video Games Weekly: Pokemon Go and Teen Programming (TPiB)

Why Pokemon Go and The Library is a perfect partnership

Everything Librarians Need To Know About Pokemon Go!

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