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ACT Test Prep Strategies

Have you take the ACT test? How did you do? Did you feel confident as you tackled each section? Will you retest if you scores aren’t what you need for your college of choice or for the Hathaway? (Did you know that most Wyoming colleges now require a composite score of at least 21?)

Your library has tools to help you be successful on your next test date (or your first time, if you aren’t a junior yet.)

Learning Express Library

This *FREE* database is provided by the Wyoming State Library. You will need your library card and PIN to gain access. Once you sign-in, you will need to register for a free account, which then allows you to access practice tests in all five test areas and to save your progress.

*If you enrolled in Gear-Up, check with your Student Success Advisor for access to their free ACT prep resources.

Print Resources

NCPL has several different ACT prep guides available for checkout. Search our online catalog to find titles like: Peterson’s ACT prep guide : the ultimate guide to mastering the ACT; The official ACT prep guide : the only official prep guide from the makers of the ACT.; and 8 practice tests for the ACT (Kaplan).

Success Strategies

There are many strategies to make you a more successful test taker.

*Practice tests allow you to get a glimpse into how the test is set up, the directions, as well as the time restrictions. You won’t get the same test but you’ll be more confident with the real thing.

*Don’t leave any questions blank. You receive a score based on how many questions you get right. If you guess, there is a chance you guessed correctly! (Also, don’t forget to transfer your answers to the bubble sheet.  You can write in the test booklet but they only look at the bubble sheet!)

*Use process of elimination. Get rid of the answers you know are tricks/distractors or that aren’t even in the ballpark.

*Answer the questions you are comfortable with/know how to do first. Then go back to the ones you skipped.


Good Luck!

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