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Check out Our Shiny New Ride

Back in 2003, the Library purchased their current bookmobile to replace our beloved Old Blue, a relic of the 80’s. In 2013, we gave our bookmobile a facelift with a colorful new wrap, and this is the bookmobile you’ve seen driving around town and parked in front of daycares, nursing homes, and many other local organizations over the past several years. Our bookmobile is a vital part of our services, bringing materials to people who might not otherwise be able to come into the Library.

In fall of 2019, the Library secured funding from the city and county to purchase a new, more reliable bookmobile to serve our community. In February 2020, after an extensive RFP process, we signed on the dotted line with LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles to build a brand new bookmobile, and by February of this year, you should see our latest masterpiece out and about. Obviously, March of 2020 (and all the months after) threw everyone for a loop, and will impact our launch of the new bookmobile; but we are working directly with activity directors at many of our regular stops to provide services again while keeping everyone safe.

LDV has crafted a vehicle that provides an enhanced user experience, with a specialty lift to empower even more people to join us on the bus. With the lift, we can load and unload carts more easily, allowing us to customize our stops to better meet the needs of our patrons. Plus, the imagery and design reflected on the outside of the bookmobile highlights many of Natrona County’s greatest outdoor attributes. We are so excited to share our new bookmobile with everyone, and we invite you to follow along on social media to find out when and where to look for the Library’s shiny new ride on the streets of Casper.