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Book Review: The Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This series, beginning with Among the Hidden, is set in a society that does not allow more than two children in a family.  Because Luke Garner is an illegal third child, he is forced to hide to survive.  Breaking the Population Law is extremely dangerous.  Through the series, we are acquainted with more of these illegal so-called ‘shadow children,’ including Jen, Nina, and Matthias.  These children cunningly undermine the system by using stolen identity cards, escaping from the authorities, and ultimately winding up caught in a web of lies.  Can these children, who were essentially imprisoned for the majority of their lives, defeat the unjust totalitarian regime?  Will freedom come with a price?

I began reading this series because my Mom recommended it. 

I could not put any of them down. 

I recommend these books to anyone who loves suspense and rebellion against an unjust system. 

I give the series a 5***** rating

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Review by Leslee, 12th grade

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