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Book Review: Natsume’s Book of Friends by Yuki Midorikawa (graphic novel)

Takashi Natsume has been passed around from relative to relative after the tragic death of his parents. After finally being able to settle in with some distant relations on his father’s side, Takashi is desperate to not disappoint or frighten his new caregivers like he did all the others. Ever since he was little, Takashi has been able to see strange creatures called Yokai. Some Yokai are good and some are bad, the same thing Takashi is discovering about regular people as he tentatively steps back out into the human world. However, lately the Yokai have been acting even stranger than usual, trying to harm Takashi and demanding that he give them something called “The Book of Friends.” Takashi has no idea what they are talking about until he finds an old journal that belonged to his grandmother, Reiko Natsume, a powerful woman who was also able to see Yokai and terrorized them into writing their names into her book so she could control them. Takashi doesn’t really want the power of the Book of Friends, but he also knows he needs to protect it from the dangerous Yokai that are after it. Takashi enlists the help of a particularly powerful Yokai that takes the shape of an ugly cat to help him protect the book so he can return as many of the names possible before something bad happens to him, his new friends, or the precious place with the people who love him that he can finally call home.

I picked this book up because it looked interesting.

I finished this book because it was very touching as well as exciting and funny.

I’d give this book to anyone who likes manga or anyone who feels like they don’t fit in.

Rating: **** Really liked it!

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Review by Serina, college student

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