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Book Review: Lucky by Rachel Vail

Lucky by Rachel Vail

Phoebe is one of the luckiest girls in middle school. She is not at rich as her friend Kirstyn, but it seems like nothing can go wrong for her. Her and her friends are all planning a huge middle school graduation party. It will be extravagant with only the best to celebrate their friendship and their moving on to high school. Things take a turn for the worst though when Phoebe finds out that her mom has lost her job and that they can now no longer afford the party or even the dress she wants. And it is not only her that is buckling under the pressure of not having enough money for this party. Another one of the friends, Ann, is also having financial troubles with her family. To top it all off Kirsten and Gabriella begin excluding the others and making their activities not as group friendly. And to add to that Phoebe seems to be falling again for Luke, a boy she dated a couple years ago. Could things get any more complicated for Phoebe? Could these changes break the group apart or make them stronger through it all? Find out in Lucky.

I liked this book because it was very realistic. It seemed to hit at the heart of issues like friendship and family and what really holds these together. It also gives insight into the lives of people who may seem one way on the outside and be completely different on the inside.

I picked this book because it looked like it was going to be a good and insightful book. Once I started reading the book I loved it. The story line flowed well and it was always interesting to read the next section.

I would recommend this book to anyone who can relate to the difficulties of friends, family and fitting in at school.

I give this book: *****

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Review by Michelle, college Student

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