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Find all of your favorite magazines and journals at the Library

The Natrona County Library offers three ways to read magazines and articles: print magazines that you can read in-library or check out and read at home, digital magazines featuring online viewing of the original magazine layout at RBdigital, and searchable full-text articles via one of our databases.

First, let’s explore our print collection. Offering over 200 magazines and journals, our selection goes well beyond your average grocery store checkout line. Plus, all of the back issues of our magazines are available for check out, so come in and grab a few issues to inform, inspire, and entertain. If you are into the outdoors, camping, and Wyoming’s wildlife, swing by and pick up “Trailer Life,” “Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine,” “Bird Watcher’s Digest,” or “National Parks.” If you are planning a remodel on your home and want some fresh ideas, check out design and decor magazines such as “Architectural Digest,” “Magnolia,” or “This Old House.” Looking to buy a new car? Pick up a few issues of “Car and Driver” or “Consumer Report” to arm yourself with all the information you need to find the perfect car. Perhaps you simply enjoy perusing magazines as a way to relax and read a bit about everything and anything. Then grab an issue of “Craft Ideas,” “People Weekly,” “Rolling Stone,” “Taste of Home Magazine,” or “Time.” This is just a small sampling of our diverse magazine collection. Stop by and see it for yourself; there is bound to be something that you are into.

Next, let’s look at RBDigital, our online digital magazine service, which provides downloadable, full-color magazines such as “EatingWell,” “ESPN,” “National Geographic,” “Wired,” and “Vogue.” RBDigital magazines look exactly like the print versions. You can download them onto your computer or mobile device to view and save for a later. Boasting intuitive navigation and search features that make digital magazines easy and enjoyable to read, RBDigital also has a free app you can download onto your iPad/iPhone, Android device, or Kindle Fire. This option gives you the flexibility to check out, download, return, and browse magazines wherever you are—24 hours a day. To get started, visit the Library’s website, hover over Digital Content in the menu, select Instructions from the drop down menu, and click on your device.

Finally, visit the Library’s website, hover over Research in the menu, and click Databases from the drop down to browse our many selections. Depending on your need, select the appropriate database and search for magazine or journal articles. Whether you are a casual magazine browser, have a specialized inquiry, or are looking for inspiration, we have a magazine or journal for you.

Whatever you need and however you access your information, the Natrona County Library has you covered. If you have any questions, stop by, give us a call, or email us to start accessing all the magazines and journals the Library has to offer.

Lisa Rodkey is an Adult Services Specialist at the Library.

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