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Teen Read Week 2014: Wrap Up

Teen Read Week Saturday: Turn Dreams into Reality


Encourage your teen to READ!

(This article was printed in the October 15, 2104 issue of the Casper Journal.)

Do people really still choose to read for fun?

I’m not falling for the Chicken Little hype that a culture of reading is going away. Sure, technology is invading seemingly every aspect of our lives. In my experience, this very fact drives people to crave the solace of the written word.trw bw

The format options need not be a concern. EBooks and other digital avenues for reading only broaden the options for people to gain access to reading materials.

As a parent, you have the power to help create readers. How can you encourage your teen to read? Here are a few quick, fun tips.

• Be a reading role model and get caught reading. Carve out time in your family’s day for everyone to read, whether it is independently or together as a family. Listen to audiobooks on road trips.

• Check out a book for yourself, maybe even something from the teen area. What better way to find out what your teen is interested in than to read what they are reading? Go a step further and ask them for suggestions!

• Share your favorite books and stories with your family. Rediscover old favorites and expose your children and teens to the stories behind “new” ideas.

• Is your teen a movie buff or a video game specialist? Encourage them to use their knowledge to expand and enhance your family activities.

• Create book trailers using the free software on your home computers or phones. Book trailers are a short video preview intended to get someone interested in reading the book. Use stock images, or get the whole family to act out your favorite scenes!

• Have a family “book-to-movie” club. Read the book together, then watch the movie, either at the theaters or check it out from the library to enjoy at home. Talk about the changes between the two versions and why you think the studio chose them. Who would your family have cast for each role if you were the directors?

• Join our “Never Too Old” book club. This group discusses Young Adult (YA) literature with adult appeal. It is open to both teens and adults, with parent-teen pairs especially encouraged. There’s a new book every month – sign up at the reference desk on the second floor of the library.

• Looking for ways to get your teen to stop playing games on their digital device? Learn about the FREE digital resources available from your library. Our Virtual Library provides access to hundreds of young adult books. Teens will love that they can download a book at any hour of the day and not have to worry about returning it on time. After the checkout period, it simply disappears. Zinio will allow you to check out full-color magazines and read them on a computer or tablet, and One Click Digital provides downloadable audiobooks. All free from the library’s website.

And last, but not least: encourage your teen to participate in Teen Read Week. This annual nationwide celebration of teens and reading is a great reminder for all ages to “read for the fun of it.” NCPL celebrates through the entire month of October with a variety of book-related events. This year’s theme is “Turn Dreams Into Reality”. Find event details at www.natronacountylibrary.org/teens, or stop by the Teen Zone any time your library is open to learn more.

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