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Book Reviews: Found, Sent, and Sabotaged (The Missing Series books 1-3) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Found (The Missing #1) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

As this book begins a lady by the name of Angela is having many problems on her first day at work at a company by the name of Sky Trails. She loses codes and is constantly having to ask her supervisor to give them to her. To make things worse an unidentified plane lands at a gate no one is attending to and she therefore has to go and help them. To her surprise all of the passengers on this plane are infants and there is not even a pilot or stewardess. The book then flashes 13 years into the future in the lives of two thirteen year old boys Chip and Jonah who are both adopted. They begin receiving strange letters at the same time. Upon Jonah becoming more upset his parents, his sister and him go to meet with an FBI agent who is said to be connected to Jonah’s adoption. When they arrive the agent refuses to give them any more information, saying only that he can not tell them any more and that they should not have even gotten his information, but the children receive information from a folder placed on the table by a man no one saw put it there. From this folder comes information that has something to do with Chip, Jonah and their adoption, but when few people will talk how much information can they really find out? Will this venture tear their new friendship apart or solidify it for life?

This book is very interesting because it provokes the reader to ask how much they know about themselves and how much of what they know can fall apart in an instant. It is also interesting how with each of the new discoveries they make about their adoption the boys begin to wonder more and more who they are.

I picked this book up because my brother got me the rest of the books in the series and I wanted to read this one again before I read the others. I also enjoy the author’s writing style and the suspense that is intertwined in every one of her books.

I finished this book because I wanted to remember how it ended.

I would give this book to anyone who enjoys suspense and action stories. I would also give this book to people who were interested in self conflict and a journey of self.

My Rating of this Book: ***** (It was amazing)

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Review by Michelle, college student


 Sent (The Missing #2) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

In the second adventure of The Missing series Jonah and Chip must take on the challenge of trying to set time back to the way it should be. This is the first of many attempts to essentially fix time and in order to do that Jonah and Chip along with Katherine and Alex must travel back in time to the 15th century. They soon discover that Chip and Alex were a king and a duke. They also discover that in order for their plan to work they must join Chip and Alex with their tracer while still being able to keep their identity as the children from the future with family and friends there. They begin to discover that fixing time is going to prove to be more difficult than they had originally intended it to be. With every minute that Chip and Alex spend in their tracers they lose more and more of who they are. They also discover that while the idea of being a king and a duke does sound nice at first they are in no way prepared for what they begin to unfold. When they discover that they were supposed to be murdered by their uncle how will they ever fix time and make it out alive and safely back to the 21st century? Will they fix time in their endeavor or will they ruin history forever? Find out in Sent!

I liked the flow of the book and how there was always something that made me want to read more and more. There was always another curve ball that history threw at them every time they thought they had it figured out. I also like the underlying message of how even the smallest things can make a huge difference in the end.

I picked this book up because I wanted to read what happened after Found.

I finished the book because I enjoyed every bit of it and wanted to know how the story was going to end for Chip and Alex.

I’d give this book to people who like adventure and enjoy a little bit of history sprinkled in.

My rating for this book: ***** (Amazing!)

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Review by Michelle, college student


Sabotaged (The Missing #3) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

In the third book of The Missing series by Haddix there is yet another person who needs to be returned to her own time. This person who is known in the 21st century as Andrea is known in her own time as Virgina Dare, the first person to be born in America. This seems like a pretty cut and dry return. There is a good chance that Jonah, Katherine and Andrea are going to have it pretty easy, but before their journey can even really begin things go wrong. For starters the communication device that they use called the Elucidator, cleverly disguised as a rock, gets lost. This makes it impossible for the group to contact their leader JB. Also before it gets lost the year on it gets changed so they have no clue what time period they are in. To top it all off this group has been getting messages from an unknown person who identifies himself as Second. All of this adds up to this easy mission turning into one big mess. The more that Jonah, Katherine and Andrea find out the less they seem to know about who this person is, what he wants from them and what time they are in. Will they ever find their way back? Is Second a friend or a foe? Will they be able to save Virgina Dare and Andrea? Find out in Sabotaged.

I enjoyed this book because it brought in so many different elements from what I had read in the previous two books. These books could have easily been the same story told several times over and they could have become redundant, but instead Haddix takes each story and makes it a new and interesting story that is relevant to the story line and is also relevant to the time period from which each child is from. This book gives insight into what the time period of the colonization of America would be like.

I picked this book up because I wanted to continue reading the series and discover how each one of the children was returned to their original time period.

I finished this book because it drew me into the twists and turns of the story and I wanted to find out how it would all come out.

I would give this book to anyone who read the first two books in this series. I would also suggest it to anyone who is looking for a good historical adventure type book.

My rating for this book is: **** (Really Liked It!)

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Review by Michelle, college student

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