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Book Review: This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki

This One Summer

Rose and Windy are summer beach friends. They only see each other a few weeks in the summer during family vacations to the beach town of Awago. This year Rose is realizing that life will never be the same. This is the summer of transition between child and teen. This is the summer of horror movies, small town drama, and realizing that parents aren’t perfect and have their own issues.

This one summer is the summer that changes everything.

Why I picked up the book: I had checked it out several times but never read it. When it was recognized as both a Caldecott and Printz honoree, I knew I needed to read it. I had initially forgotten that Caldecott award reaches children up to age 14 and was surprised since I remembered reviews commenting on “teenage” material. I was happy to see that it was honored for both and can understand why.

Why I finished it: There is a lot in the book and could definitely be discussed and analyzed in many readings. It is a great book to show the value and substance of graphic novels.

The blue ink was an interesting choice and works well. Makes it seem like memory, rather than set in current time, so older readers can reflect.

Rose and Windy are so unique and yet a great representation of those tween/early teen years. Who am I? What is going on in my world and the greater world? When did I realize that my parents had a life and issues of their own? When did I transition from child to teen?

Readalikes: Smile by Raina Telgemeier.

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Review by Jenn, YA Librarian (View all my reviews)

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