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Book Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Miles Halter doesn’t have many friends and isn’t the most socially skilled person.  He is frustrated with his life in school and decides to venture out to Culver Creek, a boarding school his father had gone to as a kid, in the hopes that he can find the “Great Perhaps.”  He is obsessed with memorizing famous last words.  At Culver Creek his life is changed completely as he meets the Colonel and Alaska, who soon become his best friends.  They show him a different life… one that is screwed up and filled with fun.  As they try to figure out the labyrinth of suffering, Miles chases after the gorgeous, crazy, clever Alaska.  Each of them realizes what is important in life.  John Green chronicles their lives at Culver Creek and shows just how great an impact people can have on one another. 

I picked up this book because my best friend recommended it. 

I finished because I couldn’t put it down.  John Green knows how to have an impact on his readers. 

I recommend this book to anyone who appreciates love and wishes to seek their own “Great Perhaps.” 

I give this book a 5***** rating.  (It was AMAZING!)

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Review by Leslee, 12th grade

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