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If you’re adjusting to working from home, there a lot of things that make your home office different than your usual work space. The number one difference is the lack of coworkers (pets, kids, and spouses don’t count). During this time of change and uncertainty, Zoom is a free (for now) tool that many are utilizing to keep them connected with their coworkers, clients, customers, and more. Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. 

To help you get started with Zoom and navigate a technology that might be new and foreign to you, we’ve compiled a collection of helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Useful Info From the Zoom Support Center >

Trainings for Getting Started

Live Training & Video Tutorials

Tips & Tricks From Tech Insiders

Everything You Need to Know About Using Zoom from Owl Labs
How to Use Zoom on Your Computer or Mobile Device: A quick guide for video meeting basics from Business Insider
Zoom 101: A starter Guide for Beginners from zdnet.com
Zoom – Host a Meeting and Invite Participants from OIT in Colorado

YouTube Video Tutorials

How To Zoom: A playlist of 50 informative videos to help you start using (and mastering!) Zoom while you watch.


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