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Teen Read Week: I liked Legend, what should I read next?

Teen Read Week Tuesday: Turn Dreams into Reality


I liked Legend… what should I read next?

Our 2014 middle school edition of One Community One Book kicked off on September 2nd featuring the book Legend by Marie Legend, by Marie Lu Lu.

Since that time, NCPL alone has put approximately 300 copies of the book into the hands of readers. Natrona County middle schools have also given out copies of the book. Teens and adults are reading! And when they finish the book, they are asking for the sequels and for the next great book to whet their literary appetite.

If you have not yet read Legend, check out a copy! If you are looking for something to read while you await your turn for the sequels, click the “More Books Like This” button below for a list of other books you may enjoy.

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Click below to learn more about our One Community One Book program and the book Legend!

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