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A Sticker Design for Everybody

So You Can Sticker Anything

One of the greatest things about the Library is that everything is FREE! This includes the knowledge you gain by visiting us or enjoying the items you check out. We wanted to celebrate the fact that "Knowledge is Free" with a series of vinyl stickers, perfect for putting anywhere or on anything for long-term enjoyment.

Collect Them All

Stop by the Library to pick up your favorite, or maybe ALL of your favorites. From the great outdoors, to throwback library goodness, there's sure to be a design that speaks to you. And the best part? They're completely free!

Share The Love

Show off your love for the Library by stickering whatever you want, and share your sticker placement with us on social media for your chance at internet fame. And speaking of sharing - grab some stickers for your friends while you're here. We can't wait to see where you stick 'em!

Have questions?

Stop by the Library or call 577-7323 for more information on stickers, availability, and where to get them all.