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Book Review: The Dreaming by Queenie Chan

Twin sisters Jeanie and Amber have just arrived at the Greenwich Private College, an elite boarding school in the middle of the wilderness. Jeanie and Amber were allowed to enroll because of their aunt, who works at the school, but it is on one condition: The girls are not allowed to tell anyone that they are twins, for the headmaster has forbidden twins from entering the school. Regardless, Jeanie is excited by her new life, intrigued by the school’s finery as well as the mystery that surrounds it. Amber is less trilled, especially after the twins hear that for years students have been seen wandering into the bushlands surrounding the school at night and disappeared, never to be seen again. Amber soon falls into depression, afraid to sleep because she is plagued by nightmares of cruel young women in Victorian gowns. Jeanie does not take her sister’s fears seriously at first, but she is also having the same dreams, and they seem to correspond with the strange paintings around the school. Many years ago, the girl who painted them also went missing in the dark. Jeanie begins to suspect that something terrible happened at the school many years ago, but it may be too late for her to figure out what happened. Students have begun to disappear again, and Amber is not acting like herself. In fact, sometimes Amber seems like an entirely different person altogether. Can Jeanie save her sister from the snare of the wilderness and the dark thing that resides there?

I picked this book up because I like suspense and horror.

I finished this book because the mystery was very interesting.

I’d give this book to any fan of mystery or horror.

Rating: **** Really liked it!

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Review by Serina, college student

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