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Book Review: The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

The City of Ember (Book of Ember, #1)Imagine at the age of 12, you left school and started working at a job that you chose out of a hat on Assignment Day. The city where you live and work has no sun, no moon, no stars, and the only light is produced by large floodlights that are turned on in the morning and turned off at night. In this world all the food comes from a storage area under the city and the supply is running dangerously low as are other goods that are necessary for living. Unexplained power outages begin occurring frequently during the day lasting for longer and longer periods of time, leaving citizens frightened and the mayor seems to have no answers. Now, imagine making a miraculous discovery that no one seems willing to believe, a discovery that could save your town. This is The City of Ember.

My rating (for the original novel): 3 of 5 stars (I liked it!)
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 The City of Ember: The Graphic NovelWhy I picked up the book: We’ve used the novel before in our middle school book club. Some of this group had already read the original but love graphic novels, so it seemed fitting.
Why I finished: It was a fast read but it was just okay, not spectacular like some graphic novel adaptations. The middle schoolers in my group were bigger fans than I was. I liked the original novel but this version seems to have huge gaping holes and if you didn’t have the background knowledge, you might be confused. A few readers were motivated to read the original book, so that is positive.
I’d give the book to: graphic novel fans, especially those who have already read the original novel.
My rating (for the graphic novel): 2 of 5 stars (It was okay)
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Review by Jenn, YA Librarian (View all my Goodreads reviews)

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