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Book Review: Stitches: a memoir by David Small

David is a young boy who speaks through his art and by getting sick. His mother slams cupboard doors and drawers, his dad immerses himself in his work, and David’s older brother plays the drums. David spends his time doodling and letting his imagination run wild. He likes to pretend he is Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, and that he can just disappear through the rabbit hole into a different world. Unfortunately, reality is always calling, and David’s reality is constantly being put through radiation treatment by his father. David grows used to his life until a growth forms on the side of his neck and he is put through what is supposed to be a harmless surgery. However, when David awakens from being put under, he is horrified to discover that he can no longer speak. A huge gash has been left on his neck with ugly stitches zigzagging their way up to his chin and he now only has one side of his vocal chords. David suffers from being unable to express himself through words and from knowing that his parents are keeping a terrible secret from him that he feels he has a right to know. David has to overcome being unable to use his voice and learn how to grow up in a judgmental world where the only way to get someone to listen is by screaming.

I picked this book up because I read a lot of graphic novels.

I finished this book because it was a heartbreaking true story.

I’d give this book to any fan of biographies or graphic novels.

Rating: **** Really liked it!

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Review by Serina, college student

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