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Book Review: Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Prudence Shen and Illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks

Everyone knows that High School is tough, but no one knows that better than Charlie, the captain of the basketball team, and Nate, the president of the robotics club. These two share an odd friendship that will be put to the test when, in an attempt to get funding for his club, Nate decides to run for Student Body President with the school cheerleaders on the opposing side. The cheerleaders also need the funding to buy new cheer uniforms, and force Charlie into running for them. Charlie doesn’t really want anything to do with the election, but Nate takes it as a declaration of war and both teams begin resorting to some very bad campaign shenanegans. When the battle comes to a head and gets a little too out of hand, the principal finally steps in and says that neither group will get the funding. Without any other options to turn to, Nate decides to compete in a robot fighting tournament that could win them the money they need and also cover the new cheerleading uniforms. But if his team fails, it could put them in a lot of trouble with their parents and cause an even bigger strain on Nate and Charlie’s friendship.

I picked this book up because the art was great!

I finished this book because it was hilarious!

I’d give this book to any fan of graphic novels and High School comedies.

Rating: ***** (It was amazing)

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Review by Serina, college student

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