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Book Review: Library Wars by Kiiro Yumi

What would you do to protect your right to read? In the near future, the government has created a censorship committee whose goal is to get rid of books that are considered unsuitable for the public. To keep their books safe, librarians formed their own militaristic group called the Library Defense Force. When she was younger, Iku Kasahara witnessed the Library Forces at work firsthand when one of the LDF agents stopped her favorite book from being confiscated at a book store. It then became her goal to join the Library Defense Force, a group of soldiers on the front line of the war on books. Now as a recruit, Iku hopes to live up to the strength of her idol, the soldier at the bookstore, but she is having hard time dealing with her new drill instructor, a short man with a large temper named Dojo. Will Iku’s strong will and perseverance be enough to see her dream come true?

I picked this book up because the premise sounded interesting.

I finished this book because the story and art were great.

I’d give this book to any fan of reading, or anyone who dislikes censorship.

Rating: **** Really liked it!

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Review by Serina, college student

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