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Book Review: The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier are from families from opposite worlds.  The Colliers are high-class, while the Coles are full of violence.  There had been a long-standing divide between the two families in the little town of Oriental, North Carolina when Dawson and Amanda fall madly in love.  Unfortunately, like many teens in love, the two are separated and both begin to live very different lives.  Many years later, a man dear to both of them brings them back together.  Unexpectedly, Dawson and Amanda meet again and begin to relive the memories of their love.  They share the stories of their lives with each other, only to realize that they are meant to be together.  Torn between her responsibilities to her husband and their children and the love of her life, Amanda is forced to make a difficult decision while Dawson confronts his past.  Whether separate or together, maybe their love has more power to save each other than either of them could ever imagine.

I picked up this book because I like many of the novels Nicholas Sparks has written, and I finished reading it because it drew me in and held my interest. 

I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good love story. 

I give it a 3*** rating. 

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Review by Leslee, high school graduate

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